How long does it normally take before the loan is paid out?

Some loans can be paid out on the same day. In any case, our service standard is to complete a loan within 48 hours.

Can I use the loan to pay off existing credit and debts?

Yes, you could pay off existing credit with a Personal Loan. If you're making payments on credit, store cards or other loans and you're looking for a fresh start, spreading your repayments over a longer period may allow you to reduce your regular outgoings.

How much can I borrow?

Personal Loans are available from £100 to £15,000. Secured loans can be for considerably more, subject to valuation.

How long do I get to pay it back?

You can repay your loan over one to ten years, depending on the amount you borrow.
However, all loans must be repaid before your 70th birthday.

Can I speak to someone face to face?

Yes, our lenders have many finance centres that cover the whole country. We will try to deal with your application over the telephone, but if you would prefer to speak to someone face to face just let us know. There may be some circumstances where we would ask you to go to your local branch to finalise your loan application; we will advise you if this is necessary.

What if I want to settle my loan early?

If you wish to settle your loan early, no problem. Most of our loans have no penalties. Just let us know and we'll arrange for a redemption statement to be sent to you.

Types of Loans Explained

  • Unsecured Loans

    Unsecured loans are personal loans, but are not secured against the borrower's home. They are very quick and easy to arrange and therefore they are the most popular loan products in the UK. Unsecured loans are also popular for the simple fact that there are almost no restrictions on how the loan can be used. The loan money can be used for Home Improvements, Consolidation of other debts, to Buy a Car, a Holiday, a Wedding and any other reasonable purpose.

  • Tenant Loans

    Tenant loans are available to people who do not own their own home and therefore cannot offer any security against a loan. A tenant may be renting either privately, from the council or from a housing association, or lives with parents or relatives. Tenant Loans are considered to be much riskier propositions by the banks who often shy away from lending to tenants. Express Finance has many years of experience in helping tenants to find the best loan, no matter how bad their credit record is. Because of our experience we often succeed in finding the right loan where others have failed. Unlike other brokers we would never charge an upfront fee.

  • Consolidation Loans

    Debt consolidation loans are undoubtedly a very popular way to manage existing debts. Essentially, a Debt Consolidation Loan allows the borrower to group together a number of credit cards and loans, resulting in one, often lower and more manageable monthly repayment.

  • Bad Credit Loans

    Bad Credit Loans are for those who have less than perfect credit history and therefore are being refused for a loan from their own bank. It may be something simple such us not appearing on the voters roll. Or the problem may be previous loan or credit card arrears, defaults or CCJs. Because of our long experience in this area we are often able to help in finding a loan where other companies have failed. We have a lender for every situation and therefore Bad Credit, Arrears, Defaults and CCJs are no problem for us.

  • Secured Loans

    Secured Loans are available to those who own their own home on which the loan can be secured. With security being offered by the borrower the lenders are more likely to approve the loan, even there is bad credit and arrears. The interest rates are generally lower than those for unsecured loans and therefore are particularly suitable as consolidation loans.

  • Payday Loans

    Payday Loans or Cash Advances are small loans, usually repayable on the next payday. They are designed to cover an unexpected expense or an immediate need. They are fast and convenient but they are suitable for the short term and the interest rate is much higher than that of Unsecured Loans.